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We are always searching for adventurous people to join us in this creative journey so we can help them tell their story


Miami based married couple top rated photographers

Our goal is to merge emotions, moments; capture that laughter, a tear, that one single moment in life and tell your story. 


We are Jose and Cynthia; spontaneous, adventurous, happily married and soulmates. We live in Miami and love it!


I am a passionate avid filmmaker and photographer and Cynthia is a graphic designer/ photographer, we’ve been capturing moments and creating designs for local clients as well as corporations in and out of the US. Our style of photography is described as “vibrant, candid, bright and clean and clear with tons of light”. 


We live life to the fullest and for that reason, there is no need to take photos indoor, we prefer to be outside enjoying nature, breathing clean air and feeling the breeze. 

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