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10 Best poses at Miami Beach for couples

A collection of 10 best inspirational sunrise sessions poses to get you in the mood and prepared for your photoshoot. Miami Beach is best known for its best sunrise golden hour, that is the reason it is so appealing for couples requesting photoshoots at the beach instead of sunset.

The one location we recommend is: South Pointe Park Beach. It has everything! From park, marina, bay, beach and pier, this area is perfect to walk around and find the best spots to match your style.

Man and woman dancing having fun at the beach
Dancing having fun

Man and woman looking at each other hugging on top of rocks
Facing each other
Young man and woman laying down the beach on top a stripped red and white towel
Laying down
Woman facing the camera
Sitting hugging from the back

Man and woman holding hands walking in miami beach sunrise
Walking holding hands barefoot
Same gender male couple holding hands hugging
Facing opposite direction

Couple holding and lifting
Lifting her from the knees against the sunlight
Man and woman kissing in the mouth against the sunrise light at the beach
Kissing against the sunlight

Pregnant woman seating at the sand beach with husband eating green apples
Seating at the beach eating fruits GREAT PROP

Man and woman holding hands twirling laughing
Holding hands twirling for a natural moment


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